OUR MISSION: Straight Path, Inc. and Partners draw on holistic and loving approaches in mentoring, training, counseling, and guiding our community of neighbors with barriers, to obtain family wages employment in a diverse working environment.

board of directors

Clarence Larkins SR.


Clarence Larkins SR. is the Founder/CEO of Straight Path Inc. He graduated from Portland State University with a B.S. degree in Social Science with a Minor in Political Science. He has been a resident of the NE Portland Community for over 50 years and has a long history as an active community member, and is the current President of the 42nd Ave Business Association.


Theresa Sweeney


Assistant to the CEO, Theresa is a Portland native and has lived most of her life in N/NE Portland. She holds a M.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a certificate in Public Administration, specifically nonprofit organizations.


Brea Douglas


Brea Douglas was raised in Portland. She earned her B.A. in Mass Communication from Grambling State University. She previously pursued her career in other states, but has returned to the Portland area as an Assignment Editor for Fox12 Oregon News.


Phil Dixon


Phil Dixon was raised in Portland.  He is a graduate from Portland State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree.  In 1990, he earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Washington.  He has worked for DHS Child Welfare for the last 27 years and is currently a manager for the State of Oregon.


Saima Goodrich


Saima is a native Portlander. From an early age, she experienced a spiritual longing. However, it wasn't until her senior year of high school that she found her spiritual compass in the person of Jesus. Following this conversion experience, she attended a Maryland Bible College and Seminary and earned a diploma in missions.


Dr. Vernon Baker


Dr. Vernon Baker has served in the gospel ministry for thirty-five years. During this time he has served in several capacities of ministry including that of Pastor, Director of Christian Education, Ministerial Staff Coordinator, Board Chair for Community Outreach efforts and the Trustee Board. Dr. Baker provided leadership in addition to building infra-structure with multiple churches.


Kevin Goodrich


Kevin has lived in Portland, Oregon sine 1987 and is a valued member of our community. Kevin holds a BS degree in Electronics Engineering; a MS degree in Engineering Management; and is a Certified Associate in Project Management. With his passion for assisting people turn their lives around, Kevin is using his communication, technical and leadership skills to work for social justice in Portland with Straight Path.


Dream with us! A community center of fresh chances. A safe and positive place to gather and grow.


At Straight Path, Inc., we recognize that people need a safe and positive place to gather and grow. To support this unmet need in NE Portland, we have an audacious dream and a plan to restore and transform ten acres of vacant property on 42nd Avenue, near Killingsworth (the old Whittaker school site). Our project is called the “42nd Avenue Family Village”.



There is enormous community support for this type of project. For example, the Cully-Concordia Community Action Plan outlines four key goals which are:

  1. Enhance the capabilities of schools to serve as multi-purpose centers of community life.
  2. Expand community business and economic opportunities for the benefit of area residents and businesses.
  3. Identify and pursue improvements to neighborhood amenities and infrastructure that affect neighborhood livability.
  4. Contribute to community-building, connectedness and stability.

All aspects of the 42nd Avenue Family Village support these goals.

In our local survey, we found the following community themes — things people desire in the neighborhood:

  • Community Center
  • Library
  • Pool
  • Gathering public space
  • Place to play
  • Community garden
  • Gym/health club

The 42nd Avenue Family Village we are proposing fulfills 6 out of the 7 themes requested by the Cully-Concordia community members.

The building blocks of the 42nd Avenue Family Village contain three components; education, recreation, and jobs. Each and every part of our project supports at least one of these three components, and several support a combination.  Our vision includes an elementary school, a recreation/community center, a performing arts center, a library, and retail outlets. Every building in our plan is named after local African Americans who have made significant contributions to the livability of the Portland community.

Another important factor in Straight Path, Inc.’s plan for the 42nd Avenue Family Village is approximately 270 parking spaces. Providing ample parking will prevent any burden on the surrounding community.

At Straight Path, Inc., we believe that we have come up with a plan which is well thought-out and of great benefit to the NE Portland Community. The plan is in line with the Cully-Concordia Action Plan and the surrounding community’s expressed needs. In addition, the 42nd Avenue Family Village is in line with Straight Path, Inc.’s mission to assist in restoring families by facilitating opportunities for a “Fresh Chance”. Families in the area will greatly benefit from the education, recreation and jobs created at the 42nd Avenue Family Village.

The 42nd Avenue Family Village is an enormous, long-term project. It will take a combined effort from the community, businesses, sponsors, and more to bring it to life. To become a part of this project, take the first step to sign up and learn more. You will receive information and occasional updates. 

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