Straight Path, Inc

Mentoring and Employment


Fresh Chance Career Journey

For the past 7 years Straight Path has held semiannual career fairs as a non
profit 501c3, providing job connections for low income populations. Today we
expand to include more services, and invite a larger segment of the underserved
populations within our communities to engage in our services.

It is important today to connect more deeply with employers and build stronger
relationships that secure and build future job security. Straight Path is now
taking a holistic approach in building multiple partnership and stakeholders to
provide recruiting, career training, counseling and case management – retention
support for job seekers.

We continue as a nonprofit focusing on job opportunities for those with
employment barriers, but today we add and include those within our
communities that are challenged with:

  • Homelessness or potential homelessness
  • Returning veterans or underserved veterans in our community
  • High school seniors and juniors that are at risk
  • People with non-violent criminal history
  • Those who have finished drug rehabilitation
  • Those needing guidance and training


Our Donation Process

We accept your cash donations and the funds go directly to support
events and services.

But we also accept those items sitting around collecting dust that
may be gold to those we serve.

Simply go to the DONATE section of our website and enter the way
you wish to donate, cash or items.

Describe the items, we handle everything from there. We will do the
appraisal, moving and paperwork!

ALL OF THIS IS TAX DEDUCTABLE! And we thank you for your

Straight Path, Inc.  5848 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97218