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A job for everyone

Living wage employment is a critical piece of your future. Give yourself the gift of a fresh chance, connect with us to find out how.

  • Employment keeps people on track during parole 500% more than those without jobs.
  • Employment prevents most ex-offenders from returning to jail or prison.
  • Employment gives at-risk youth a shot at survival and success.
  • Employment can help you achieve housing, maintain your commitment to sobriety, or offer meaning and connection after serving in the military.

Straight Path, Inc. is a local, non-profit that has developed a caring and holistic approach to mentoring, training, counseling, and guiding our neighbors with barriers to obtain family wage employment in a diverse working environment. We partner with businesses and other service providers to offer you job placement, ongoing training and support, and career advancement.

Our goal is to help you get and retain jobs through appropriately timed, ongoing support in mentoring, counseling, coaching and case management. We assist in both placement and support services especially for those facing life barriers and job-retention.

Our role is advocate and adviser between the employers and participants. In particular, we focus on keeping you healthy, prepared, and properly trained – to ensure you perform well on the job.

Our updated fresh chance career journey now includes eight career events over eight months of the year, from April through November. This provides ongoing and consistent support for both employers and for you, fostering long-term success.

“You are not just getting a job, you are getting a network of support.”