Partner & Hire


It Takes a village

Straight Path, Inc. has developed a caring and holistic approach to mentoring, training, counseling, and guiding our neighbors with barriers to obtain family wage employment in a diverse working environment. We do this in partnership with corporations and small businesses like yours. Our updated process includes ongoing retention support for employers, creating longevity and consistency for job seekers.

When our communities thrive, everyone benefits – healthy families, safe streets, and diverse workers contributing to the wellbeing of society.

In our 7 years holding job fairs and placing workers across communities and industry sectors, we have learned that job seekers at our fairs have trouble with the basics, and they seldom ask for help. While we made it easy for them by providing employers to meet, and business owners with job openings, they need more. That is why we recently introduced retention support for both job seekers as well as you, the hiring employer.

The greatest success comes when we teach people the tools to not only get back on their feet, but to stay there and continue growing.


About the Fresh Chance Career Journey

We have held semi-annual career fairs for low-income individuals seeking a fresh chance – including those who are in the process of integrating back into society after a time in prison. Our updated journey now includes eight career events over eight months of the year, from April through November. The goal is to provide ongoing and consistent support for both employers and employees to foster long-term success.

Straight Path enables job seekers like…

  • Homeless people looking to stabilize
  • People with a non-violent criminal history looking to rebuild
  • People undergoing or who have completed drug rehabilitation
  • At-risk high school juniors and seniors
  • Underserved Veterans

Helping employers increase diversity while also giving back

  • We build an internal (inside the company) network for new hires and for sustaining those already hired.
  • We provide on-boarding, mentoring, and coaching for new hires and those already hired.
  • We leverage Straight Path’s partnership network and experience during the first crucial months on the job and ongoing as the hire evolves and seeks further education in their career path.

Join our growing team of employers and non-profit providers, like:

  • Partners in Diversity: Providing employment
  • PCC Workforce Training Center: Job preparation, employment, and events
  • Constructing Hope: Construction training and employment
  • Portland Youth Builders: GED prep and pre-apprenticeship training
  • Job Corp: GED prep and professional training
  • Portland Habilitation NW: Housing, disability training, and counseling
  • William Temple House: Counseling and case management
  • Our 42nd Avenue: Employment prep and events
  • YMCA: Child care
  • Metropolitan Family Services: Family and personal finance counseling
  • St. Charles Parish Church: Event facilities
  • Counseling Services of Portland: Wellness counseling

“You are not just getting an employee, you are getting a network of support!”